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Make the decision to Love Your Landscape!

We aspire to mentor the design, build, and maintenance of the lawn you will love. Whether we are designing an inspirational flower landscape for everyone to admire the beauty, or we are building your family’s much anticipated swimming pool, everyone will soon appreciate the hero you have become to your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. By providing outdoor spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Most homeowners don’t know what to do with their yard and landscaping. Should they put in a swimming pool, flowers pots over here no over there, a fire pit for the family to gather around, or green grass for the kids to play football?

Or perhaps you have a design all thought up, you know exactly what you want to do… but who do you call? How do you call just one person who will help you through the entire process? You will be the hero to your family and envy of the neighborhood. No more dealing with 20 contractors, and hiring out different work to different companies who don’t work together and they expect you to communicate EVERYTHING.

We are a one-contractor solution. We design, build, and maintain landscapes. We help you through the choices and make it easy. We show you designs based on your landscape spaces and your tastes. We help mentor you as to what most people would do given a problem. Then, we bring in our experts from 14 different fields and everything from horticulture to swimming pool construction, to do the work. Finally, we maintain those areas for you as long as you own your home.

Call us today. And put all of the different contractors behind you by having communication with just one or two people at Outdoor Dreamscaping. You be the Hero to the loved ones, and we will guide you through it every step of the way.

Call or Message Troy Owner/Operator at iPhone Number: 402.850.4400 (rather send a text, just send it to this number).


Mowing & Fertilizing

Save your weekends for fun times with your family. We will take care of all of the mowing, fertilizing, and etc. In addition, all winter long, you can save your back… that’s right we also do snow removal from driveways, walkways, and patios.
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Everything from flowers and mulch to a complete landscaping redesign. We also take care of your irrigation blowouts and cleanups as well as sprinkler repairs and more.
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Design Services

We are a full-service design, build, and maintain contractor. We use design software to quickly show you what flowers, plants and trees will look like in your yard. Or, we have 3D VIP Design software and can show you a complete landscape design for a new home build or a redesign for an existing home. Top quality in-house designs.
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Build Services

Paver Patios, Walkways, Patios, Concrete, Fire Pits, Fireplaces, Water Features, Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, and so much more. If you can dream it, we will build it!
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Outdoor Dreamscaping: Who We Are

We ensure all see you as the Hero of your new landscaping, or lawn care maintenance, or snow removal, or even brand new SWIMMING POOL.

Our job is to mentor you with our 25+ years of owner’s business experience, as well as a combined 110 years of experience of our Management Contracting Team. We also have an in-house designer to ensure your lawn is more than a lawn but an extension of your home.

We follow up great experience and design with amazing build and planting teams. Whether we are completing a paver patio with added fire pit and a water feature, or we just need to plant a tree and maintain your landscaping, we have you covered. In addition, no matter what your outdoor needs, you will have ONE CONTACT to deliver on all the results you and yours desire.

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Outdoor Dreamscaping Benefits



We utilize three designer programs to create the perfect visual look at your new landscape before we move forward.



With our experience, we ensure that you select the way you want to use your landscape, and we focus on making it all work from drainage to the best materials for the job.



A full-service Design | Build | Maintain Contractor. We build it to the design specifications decided by you, and created to ensure maximum impact and value for your new yard.


One Contractor

You read this right. Most don’t realize how frustrating it can be to work with 14 different contractors to build a new pool in your backyard. With Outdoor Dreamscaping, you only work with Troy Haecke as your Customer Service Contractor.

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